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1-Day Coaching

Create a Coaching Culture inside the organization!


:: A Coaching Programme that offers a neutral, safe and confidential space for personnel to move forward with their goals within the organization.

:: The Coach essentially helps individuals to think better, live with purpose and reach effective and relevant results.

Target Public

:: Organizations that wish to enhance results through Coaching and provide their personnel with:

- Help through decision making processes.

- Support for professional development.

- Support for creating action plans that will lead to goals.


:: The organization hires an R122 Coach for at least 1 day per month and chooses how to use such hours for individual Coaching meetings to up to 7 individuals per day. 

R122 was our partner in a very critic moment that involved the merge of AOL and Yahoo and the creation of a new company named Oath. The support given by R122 was crucial for the business development and talent retention, as well as for obtaining an expressive result in terms of culture transition, talent and structure change, besides the creation of a new work environment. This project deeply supported the individual growth of our young talents and strengthened Oath's positioning as a talent developer, by means of a practical, flexible effective and cost-efficient program. 

Former Head of Human Resources from Oath Latin America

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