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Executive Coaching


:: Program of individual development of abilities/ competencies and/or achievement of specific goals hired by corporations. 

Target Public

:: Executives/collaborators from companies which are directed to a program of development/potentiation by their contractors. 


:: 12 coaching meetings.

:: Possibility of extension and/or maintenance.

:: Application of external perception analysis (ROE with stakeholders).

:: Option of application of individual assessment- Career Direct® or Personality ID®.

:: Alternative Option – Conclusion with not defined deadline.

Coaching work may seem a little disorienting at first, due to the challenges posed and so many  invitations to reflection. My coach knows how to be provocative and kind in the right doses to bring us to safety questions, even though they may seem like a no-go way. Maybe it's, if we consider we're getting better prepared to move on.

Center Director of a large publishing company

The work of coaching was very important to increase my level of achievement and quality of life. I realized and developed skills that helped me move forward professionally from the weekly exercise of observation and actions. I improved my balance between professional and personal, increased my results in the company, expanded relationships with my peers and learned to reduce tensions and stopped wasting energy with unnecessary issues. I improved the relationship and my communication. I am grateful for my coach and we have here someone of extreme sensitivity and who works as a catalyst in the personal search for goal definitions and how to reach them.

Director of Projects and Events of a large communications company

The coaching experience with R122 company was quite significant to me. My coach was a person experienced and careful enough to lead me in this process that was not always easy or pleasant, and with that I felt confident to go forward. I sincerely believe that this process has greatly increased my perceptions about my current professional performance and the diverse expectations that affect my performance (mainly of my management), which quickly changed some of my attitudes and behaviors at work. In a deeper way, I learned that there are very interesting and valuable ways to develop my leadership capacity as a whole.

Head of Oncology of a large Pharmaceutical Multinational

My expectation in using this tool was to be able to have other perspectives on my career vision and its relationship to my personal values and life purpose. Coaching has intensely helped me to identify some behavior patterns, to separate the causes that really impact my development, and to define an objective action plan. At the end of the sessions, I felt much more conscious of my decisions and today, I can see situations more clearly, and have a more precise focus on my true professional goals.

Manager of Development and Career of a large multinational base

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