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1. A little bit of history


In 2008, Juliana de Lacerda Camargo worked with executive search and had a voluntary actuation of counseling and leadership, together with her husband, in a ministerial work in São Paulo, Brasil. It was in that year that she was executive coachee in a process that worked as a game changer in her life. Two questions were central to boosting the transition from recruitment to development: “Can I establish myself by helping people be more effective and satisfied?” and “Has all the experience I had in market and in voluntary follow-up to people been a preparation to this movement?”




The answer to both questions was “yes” and Juliana started preparing herself- looking for her first coaching certification, ensuring a stable change for her family and transferring her responsibilities to her partners at that time.

In January, 2011, R122 was born, whose name was inspired by a Bible verse: Romans 12:2- Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will. 


It's inspiring to see how, since its foundation, R122 exists for purpose and favor, forming a “board game” that goes beyond the people who make part of it as an organization. Some essential marks of our history:

1) Juliana´s meeting in 2011 with Val Hastings, Coach and founder of Coaching4Today´s Leaders, in United States. Since the beginning he has been her mentor and has established a partnership, moreover granting knowledge, methodology and the right to perform training.

2) The discovery of neuroscience* as a basis for behavioral development, totally aligned with Romans 12:2 and other Bible verses that talk about mind and metanoia.

3) The approach and immediate connection between Juliana and Aline Freitas, who was going through a very similar life and career history and believed in R122 vision, also leaving her acting in executive search to totally dedicate herself to coaching, with which she worked in parallel since 2009, becoming a R122 partner in mid-2013. 

4) Patrícia Schuindt´s arrival, who already knew Juliana and followed her since the beginning of R122, believing and betting on the business vision, leaving the executive search and becoming a partner at the end of 2013.

5) Graziela Motta Teixeira, in Ribeirão Preto, who also believed and wished the same aims as Juliana, Aline and Patrícia brought about the opening of the first R122 branch.


6) The vision of a company based in various locations, with the creation of an internal academy for professional education.


2. Today

Nowadays, we serve national and international companies in different regions of the country and overseas, besides organizations with specific purposes and family businesses, as well as private individuals. Our operation is accredited and associated with International Coach Federation (ICF) and our processes are based on identity, purpose and neuroscience, using methodologies and practices of international recognized standard.  

In addition to the already established team, there are people being trained and prepared to become part of R122. These people share the same life ideals. We highly value some fundamental issues when making someone part of the group: people must believe we are unique creations and have their values based on biblical principles, besides tirelessly looking for technical and personal development, in order to serve  this world with excellence.

The organization has been developed in many ways. In the beginning we used to act in Individual and Executive Coaching, expanding to a wide range of solutions that generate transformation in people and organizations.


​It is important to know that R122 is more than just a company. It's the joint of people who believe in a world in which each individual has his/her own identity and fate. People who believe they have been created to fulfill bigger purposes. People who respect, admire, assist and join each other. Furthermore, we are an organization that believes in working together in family. We are conscious that our flags may seem different from what is usually found in the market, but we don't want to be the same or conventional- we want to impact the world. 

3. Testimonials


"It's gratifying to remember that the beginning of R122 was a step of faith. It was a less comprehended market than it is today and, up to that moment, coaching was still confused with mentoring and “gray hair” used to make some difference when hiring a service. At that time I was just 37 years old and somehow it represented a paradigm break, which was intensified by my even younger and quite competent partners´ coming. However, nowadays I look back and thank God for the choices we have made together, because in a short time we got to establish a name that brings about truth, seriousness, competence and constant search for development." - Juliana de Lacerda Camargo


“My passion for coaching came from my experience with human resources and by the choice of building my career based on me life mission, which is to rescue people's identities. Since then, in mid-2009 I had the privilege of concluding my first training in coaching and from then on I have been searching for development and growth each day. Meeting Juliana, in mid-2013, was a crucial moment in my path, I had an immediate connection with her personal and professional values and accepted the invitation to associate myself to R122 as a coach. I can affirm nowadays that I was right in my decision, acting at R122 is very inspiring and at the same time challenging. It has been providing me with huge knowledge and conquers.  I´m grateful for being part of this history and specially for believing we are building something valuable for the market.”

- Aline Freitas


“I found at R122 the opportunity of fulfilling dreams I had in my heart and making plans come true the best way possible. It is a company in which I can build and act based on my mission and values, in an open and participative way, where we look for the best inside of us. Working with what I believe in, together with people who optimize who I am, who offer consistent learning, with quality bases, is an achievement for me. I´m thankful for being part of this history.”  - Patrícia Schuindt


*It is important to mention that R122 does not work with neurolinguistics or PNL. We respect the professionals who do, but we use only the scientific principles about how brain works and learns, providing knowledge as basic material for our clients to decide, in a conscious and exclusive way, how they want to work.