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Leadership Coaching


:: Development program in any stage of leadership . 

Target Public 

:: Individuals already in leadership positions who wish to maximize their development.

:: Individuals who need to enhance their development for achieving next steps.


:: Process from 9 to 18 months.

:: Initial phases of self-knowledge and managing of issues that directly or indirectly impact leadership .

:: Choice of 10 skills among 22 listed, for focused continuous development.

:: Possible application of external perception analysis (ROE with stakeholders) for competencies. 

My career development happened in a very fast way and put me in a position of enormous responsibility early and with little experience. In this context, I looked for R122 Leadership Coaching as a tool to help me improve and consolidate my leadership, as well as to prepare myself to the next career challenges.


The process was totally tail made and conducted to meet my needs. Throughout the task, we went over diverse dimensions of leadership, providing valuable insights about my performance, about people around me and about our relationship.


I learned to be constantly attentive to my performance and to question the reasons I do what I do. I had my beliefs identified and challenged and was put outside of my comfort zone several times.

We explored manners to face the challenges of the tough talks, discussed the impact and ways to work the motivation and frequently debated the importance - usually underestimated- of communicating. We began the process focusing on my development as leader and, in the end; we were discussing ways of developing people of my team for them to do the same to their collaborators.

I'm sure the outcomes reached go beyond what we achieved during the process. The mindset change occurred in this process will still generate discoveries and better decisions in the future, with invaluable impact on my career and on people's lives around me.

CFO of a company invested by Patria Investments

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