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Personal Coaching


:: Program of individual development of abilities/ competencies and/or achievement of specific goals hired by individuals.

Target Public 

:: Individuals who wish to develop abilities or achieve specific goals.​


:: 12 coaching meetings.

:: Possibility of extension and/or maintenance.

:: Option of application of individual assessment -Career Direct® or Personality ID®.

:: Alternative option - conclusion with not defined deadline.

I sought the coaching process to be able to help myself to think and define the best way to follow, but I was surprised by a process that led me to a deeper understanding of how I make decisions, understanding and adjusting values to new realities. I leave much more strengthened and prepared not only to make a decision, but to face transformations of any kind from now on. It exceeded all my expectations!

Director of Large Size Consumer Multinational

The coaching process was a positive surprise. I was looking for a push to decide to leave the company where I worked for 11 years and I earned much more than that. The process, based on the search for values and needs that define me as a person, brought me a level of self-knowledge that I had never achieved before.  This honest, open, unfiltered search makes us vulnerable (by showing our limitations and barriers) and at the same time strengthens us (by determining a single, individual action plan). I left the process more mature, knowing my limits and consequently the areas in which I should focus efforts to achieve my professional and personal goals.

Director of the Commercial area of a large consumer multinational

The coaching process goes through self-knowledge. The first step is to understand what is happening to you, your yearnings, your limitations and your potential. Only with this recognition from the inside out will it be possible to have different results with your team and colleagues. The second crucial point is the identification of a competency that you, the coachee, chose to work on as the main learning and improvement point. After 3 months of hard work with my coach I was able to get a much clearer view of my strengths and weaknesses, a development goal, and a method to achieve that goal. Most importantly, the process is done so that you can always consult it, evaluating whether the method is being followed or not. Coaching is for anyone who genuinely wants to evolve, break down internal paradigms and take responsibility for a more assertive and aligned with personal values professional life .

Marketing Manager of an internationally renowned educational institution

The coaching program was extremely helpful because it enabled me to clarify my values, goals and vision regarding my career. Throughout the sessions, I was better able to identify the values that guided my decision-making process, assisting the development of a personal vision that coexisted with the organization's business vision and mobilizing the attitudes and actions needed to make this vision productive. Emphasis on expanding knowledge (and self-knowledge!) And skill development allowed me to awaken a potential that was 'dormant' and to set aggressive and ambitious goals more attainable. All this sharing a 'background' of strong personal and professional integrity.

Senior Manager of a large medical device multinational

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