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Who we are

Founded in 2011, R122 is a company which offers solutions aimed at the transformation of people and organizations. 


We pursue the excellence in what we do. We have the commitment of knowing and applying development methods based on science and meet the ethical and quality standards from International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the main coaching association worldwide, as well as international best practices of training & development. 

Vision, Mission, Values

Our essence is composed of:


Being a global reference in the development and transformation of organizations and people, as well as in the consolidation of equipped, true, transforming and whole leaders.


To promote the development and transformation of leaders, organizations and individuals who transform their own context through Truth, Science and Coaching.


Truth, partnership, transformation, trust, continuous development, science and progress.  

Our pillars


The development focus of coaching work. The singularity of each one is considered, as well as “where you are coming from and where you are going to”, looking for the potential of responsibility in different context.  



Unique to each individual, it needs to be discovered and reinforced.

Essential for the individual to have the consciousness and confidence needed to choose, to take risks, to plan, to focus and to persist. 


Finding out what gives life a meaning. The clarity of purpose ensures its constant progress and growth, besides helping the individual to be more focused and intelligent in life´s choices and priorities.      


A process focused on concepts of optimization and behavioral changes, based on the brain work and neuroplasticity (capacity of change and adaptation of the brain).

Based on the concept:  “What I think defines what I feel which defines how I act.” Repeated actions form habits, from which come the respective results. This focus on neuroscience creates (totally based on the individual's choices) the necessary environment for new ways of thinking and acting. This strongly impacts the existing system, leading to new habits and new outcomes.